Reunion & Alumni Day

We invite the 2020 reunion classes to join along with the 2021 reunion classes in celebration of your Einstein anniversaries. We also invite all other classes to join in on the celebration for Alumni Day. Reunion and Alumni Day are great opportunities to catch up with friends, hear about cutting-edge research, and celebrate all you have accomplished since your graduation.
Although we are virtual, we are never remote.


Sunday, May 2
  • Special 25th and 50th Anniversary Celebrations for the Classes of 1970, 1971 and 1995, 1996 (12:00PM - 12:30PM EDT)
  • Reunion Brunch Celebration (12:35PM - 1:35PM EDT)
    • Find your class table and reminisce with your classmates!
    • Enjoy the program
    • Celebrate the 2021 Alumni Award winners


Alumni Day

Sunday, May 2
  • State of the College - Gordon F. Tomaselli, MD ‘82, the Marilyn and Stanley M. Katz Dean, Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Montefiore Medicine (1:45PM - 2:15PM EDT)
  • CME Course I, COVID-19 Research at Einstein (2:20PM - 2:50PM EDT)
  • CME Course II, Is Telehealth Here to Stay? (3:00PM - 3:30PM EDT)
  • Virtual Guided Einstein painting lesson (3:45PM - 4:30PM EDT)
    Paint little Einstein! Receive a paint kit, brushes, and canvas shipped to your home.


Deadline to RSVP is April 20th

Make a Class Gift

Strong alumni support provides Einstein with the resources to educate the next generation of exceptional physicians and scientists.

Please consider making a gift in honor of your class.


Submit your Class Notes!

Reunion notes wanted! Please send in your class notes for publication in our online Reunion journal.


Join us for Commencement!

Please join us for our virtual Commencement Ceremony for the Class of 2021.

Thursday, May 27th at 3:00PM

More information regarding participation and viewing will be forthcoming.

If you would like additional information, please contact us: 718.430.2013 or

  • 1971 Harold Jawetz, M.D.
  • 1971 Miriam Levitt, M.D.
  • 1971 Miriam Tasini, M.D.
  • 1976 William Clusin, M.D., Ph.D.
  • 1976 Karen Kade, M.D.
  • 1981 Stephanie Green, M.D.
  • 1981 Jodie Hurwitz, M.D.
  • 1981 Beth Nash, M.D.
  • 1986 Jay Feingold, M.D., Ph.D.
  • 1986 Joel Goldstein, M.D.
  • 1986 Michael Kraut, M.D., Ph.D.
  • 1986 Harry Sacks, M.D.
  • 1991 Sophie Lanzkron-Salzberg, M.D.
  • 1996 Brian Blaufeux, M.D.
  • 2001 Marcelle Abell-Rosen, M.D.
  • 2001 Milan Chheda, M.D.
  • 2006 Philip Green, M.D.
  • 2006 Zeqiang Guan, Ph.D.
  • 2011 Samuel Kallus, M.D.
  • 2011 Sunju Park, M.D.
  • 2011 Boris Paskhover, M.D.
  • 2011 Juan Robles, M.D.
  • 2016 Lauren Tannenbaum Roth, M.D.
  • 2016 Evan Tamura, M.D.
  • 1970 Steven Green, M.D.
  • 1970 Sterling Haidt, M.D.
  • 1970 C. Michael Knee, M.D.
  • 1975 Sandra Blethen Chaslow, M.D., Ph.D.
  • 1975 Sidney Goldfarb, M.D.
  • 1975 Eric Heyer, M.D., Ph.D.
  • 1975 Steven Mandel, M.D.
  • 1975 Randall Smith, M.D.
  • 1980 Orli Etingin, M.D.
  • 1980 Pamela Freedman, M.D.
  • 1980 D.C. Fried, M.D.
  • 1980 George Fulop, M.D.
  • 1980 Irene Kitzman, M.D.
  • 1985 Linda Broyde Haramati, M.D.
  • 1985 Nereida Correa, M.D.
  • 1985 Edward Ng, M.D.
  • 1985 Marie-Ange Tardieu, M.D.
  • 1990 Robert Klinger, M.D.
  • 1990 Arlene Rosenberg Henick, M.D.
  • 1995 Dennise Dalma-Weiszhausz, M.D., Ph.D.
  • 1995 Sharon Goldstein, M.D.
  • 1995 Rachel Katz, M.D.
  • 1995 Kim Landzberg, M.D.
  • 2000 Gita Lisker, M.D.
  • 2000 Rhonda Rosenberg, M.D.
  • 2000 Matt Silver, M.D.
  • 2005 Daniel Cousin, M.D.
  • 2005 Dominique Aimee Jean, M.D.
  • 2005 Yves-Line Auguste-Swann, M.D., M.P.H.
  • 2010 Revekka Babayev, M.D.
  • 2010 Amanda Dunec, M.D.
  • 2010 Caitlin McMullen, M.D.
  • 2015 Barrie Cohen, M.D.
  • 2015 Amanda Guardado, M.D.
  • 2015 Marissa Lombardo, M.D.
  • 2015 Tirtza Spiegel, M.D.

2021 Alumni Award Recipients

The Dominick P. Purpura Distinguished Alumnus Award

Stewart Shuman, M.D., Ph.D. ‘83

The Distinguished PhD. Alumna Award

Mary O’Connell, Ph.D. ‘87

The Distinguished Alumna/Clinical Practitioner Award

Lauri Markowitz, M.D. ‘80

The Lifetime Achievement Award

Joyce Lowinson, M.D. ‘62

The Lifetime Service Award

Miriam Tasini, M.D. ‘71

The Einstein Honorary Alumnus Award

Robert Bases, M.D.

Rising Star - Clinical Practitioner Award*

Utibe Essien, M.D. ‘13, M.P.H.

Rising Star - Scientific Investigator Award*

Opeyemi Olabisi, M.D., Ph.D. ‘09

*Newly added Alumni Award categories

Virtual Presentations

You can view the Alumni Day 2020 webinar presentations here

State of the College with Gordon F. Tomaselli, M.D. ’82

State of the College with Dean Tomaselli

Gordon F. Tomaselli, M.D. ‘82, the Marilyn and Stanley M. Katz Dean, Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Montefiore Medicine

Pandemics in Our Time: COVID-19, Influenza, and HIV/AIDS Lecture

Pandemics in Our Time: COVID-19, Influenza, and HIV/AIDS Lecture

Sten Vermund, M.D. ’77, Ph.D., Dean and Anna M.R. Lauder Professor of Public Health; Professor of Pediatrics, Yale School of Medicine

How AI is Shaping Healthcare Lecture

How AI is Shaping Healthcare Lecture

Parsa Mirhaji, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Center for Health Data Innovations; Associate Professor, Systems and Computational Biology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

2020 Commencement Ceremony

2020 Commencement Ceremony

Virtual graduation ceremony celebrating the achievements of Einstein's Class of 2020.