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Department Country General Project Description
Obgyn/Family health Dominican Republic Women’s health – prevalence of C-sections
Obgyn/Family health Chile Adolescent reproductive health
Population health Worldwide – including Asia, North America, Europe Site-Specific Cancer Mortality Attributed to Air Pollution, using 15 prospective cohort studies for a combined sample size of >750,000 subjects.
Population health Chile (1) Launching prospective cohort study in the El Maule Region of Chile. (2) Case-control study of COPD risk in the El Maule Region of Chile.
Population health Nigeria Point of Care, Real Time Urine Metabolomics Test To Diagnose Colorectal Cancers and Polyps in high-risk patients in Nigeria.
Population health Australia Breast cancer risk associated with shift work.
Medicine/Endocrinology Uganda Diabetes - Project to come
Medicine India and LMIC’s 1-Conduct systematic lit review of LMIC and use of technical and AI and mobile websites as they relate to health promotion/HIV prevention/stigma
Medicine LMIC’s Evaluation of digital social marketing materials for health promotion (HIV prevention, PREP, linkage to care) for sexual and gender minorities.
Radiation Oncology Rwanda Radiation Oncology project - more information to come
Medicine – ID Malawi, MMC Malaria bench work; COVID lab and epidemiology research
Medicine-all specialties and General medicine MMC Work with Internal Medicine Residents on their clinical research. Some projects are ready to go now; others can be dedicated summer projects. Will have a list of projects and goals for you to review.
Global Health Center East Africa Cultural humility, One Health, Photovoice, Community health project, working with youth
Obgyn   Review of Caribbean medical school (Ross University) curriculum for family planning and abortion education
Obgyn China Mixed methods study of the impact of the on child policy on the contraceptive decision making of Chinese immigrants and their descendants in the US: to help disseminate surveys and also conduct interviews
Opthalmology  Pakistan A situation analysis survey for Retinopathy Of Prematurity services in Pakistan
WWO - Pediatrics   To come
Med Spanish Peru To come