The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology

Data Sharing

The National Institutes on Aging (NIA) has supported collection of data from participants in the Einstein Aging Study (EAS).  This well-characterized population provides a rare and valuable scientific resource.  The NIA and the researchers it supports have a responsibility to the public in general, and to the scientific community in particular, to encourage as rapid scientific progress as possible using these resources, subject to appropriate terms and conditions. 

In order to take full advantage of such resources and maximize their research value, it is important that data collected with public funds be made available to the largest possible number of qualified investigators in a timely manner.  Click here for a summary of available measures.

Data collected by the EAS have been stripped of all personal identifiers and to further protect the confidentiality and privacy of participants, recipients granted access to these data must adhere to the requirements of the EAS Resource Transfer Agreements, which can be accessed using the following links:


Resource Transfer Agreement- EAS Internal Investigators 

Resource Transfer Agreement- External Collaborators  

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