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Einstein's Medical Education Council (MEC) of the Office of Medical Education sponsors an internal grant program called Grants for Excellence in Medical Education, or GEME. The purpose of this program is to stimulate faculty to develop sustainable long-term projects that have the potential to effect significant change and improvement in the education of medical students. Grant-supported projects may deal with virtually any aspect of medical student education including instructional strategies, educational applications of information technology to advance active learning, such as the development of applications for mobile devices, integration of new topics/disciplines into the curriculum, performance/knowledge assessment, or extracurricular student activities such as research, community service, and international health. Projects must fit within an existing medical school course, clerkship, or elective.


On April 27, 2017, during Davidoff Education Day, grantees will showcase their innovative ideas at the “Medical Education: Works-in-Progress” sessions at the Price Center on the Resnick Campus. This is an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded faculty and hear the exciting medical education research occurring at Einstein.  


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