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Marvin P. Fried, M.D.

Marvin P. Fried, M.D.

Professor and Chair, Otorhinolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery, Einstein and Montefiore Health System

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Dr. Fried is a recognized leader in nasal, sinus and throat disorders. His research has led to improvements in surgical techniques and patient safety. A former president of the American Rhinologic Society and the American Laryngological Association, Dr. Fried is coauthor of The Larynx, the definitive text on vocal restoration and rehabilitation that is used widely in medical schools across the nation.

Dr. Fried’s research focuses on technical improvements in surgery for head and neck disorders. He has made advances in laser surgery and laser safety, computer-assisted and image-guided surgery and surgical simulation. He is currently investigating the use of sophisticated surgical simulation for training physicians in using endoscopic sinus surgery and whether surgical simulation training improves patient safety. He has been the principal investigator on grants issued by the United States Department of Defense, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality & the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (U.S. Army).


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