Magnetic Cell Separator               

Super MACSMiltenyi Biotec SuperMACS manual magnetic antibody bead separator, for large-scale (bulk) cell sorting, available to trained users with online booking.

The SuperMACS allows you to manually separate more than 1011 total cells in one step via a single-use disposable column. Those wishing to achieve the highest purity or are separating rare cells should consider using two columns successively per separation. The SuperMACS is designed for gentle and ultra high speed positive selection as well as depletion. The SuperMACS operates inside a laminar flow hood to insure a sterile environment.

The SuperMACS is compatible with almost any direct and indirect MACS® reagents for the isolation of virtually any cell type. Cells that can be easily and efficiently isolated by using the SuperMACS include human, rat, and mouse cells or cells from any other species, for example CD34+ progenitor cells, CD3+, CD4+, CD8+, CD14+, CD15+, CD56+ cells from human whole blood, cytokine-secreting cells, dendritic cells and disseminated tumor cells, among others. You only have to magnetically label the cells and run the cells over the column.

The SuperMACS is completely compatible with flow cytometry. Fluorescent and magnetic labeling of cells can be performed simultaneously. After SuperMACS sorting, cells are immediately ready for flow cytometric analysis. MACS MicroBeads, for example anti-FITC or anti-PE MicroBeads, are added to FITC or PE stained cells. Then the cells are sorted on the SuperMACS and the positive and negative fractions are collected 12 x 75 millimeter polypropelyne test tubes for convenient flow cytometer processing.

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