Training - For individuals wishing to perform flow cytometry analysis using the core facility, a training program will be initiated to provide instruction in the use of the instrument(s). For the flow cytometers, a web-based pre-training session is required that is at the individual's own pace. Subsequent to its completion, a hands-on training session will cover basic principles, general operational procedures, and basic troubleshooting. Investigators who are qualified on an identical instrument elsewhere must be instructed in the use of the core's own instrument prior to independent use. Training on one instrument does not necessarily provide carte blanche to use all instruments in the core. Training sessions must be completed and/or confirmed prior to starting any experiments!

Qualified Users - Users who wish to do independent work on the analyzers during normal working hours (9-5, Monday thru Fridays) must complete the training program and are required to demonstrate competency on the instrument to be considered a qualified user. Qualification provides use of the facility outside normal operating hours which include nights and weekends.

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