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    Current Protocols in Cytometry, available online through AECOM's library!

Current Protocols in Cytometry is a "best practices" collection that distills and organizes the absolute latest techniques from the top cytometry labs and specialists worldwide. It is the most complete set of peer-reviewed protocols for flow and image cytometry available. Updated every three months in all formats, Current Protocols in Cytometry is constantly evolving to keep pace with the very latest discoveries and developments. On average, 52% of content is new and 48% has been revised every year since initial publication.

    Current Protocols in Immunology, also available online through AECOM's library!

Current Protocols in Immunology is also a "best-practices" collection that provides comprehensive coverage of immunological methods from classic to the most cutting edge: the most sophisticated protocols in immunology today. Updated every three months in all formats, Current Protocols in Immunology is constantly evolving to keep pace with the very latest discoveries and developments. Since the initial publication of the work, 770 pages of content is new (43%) and revised (57%) on average every year! Current Protocols in Immunology covers the latest in antibody detection and preparation, molecular immunology, innate immunity, tumor immunology, engineering immune molecules and receptors, and more; as well as animal models for analyses; offers valuable reference information in five extensive appendices, including commonly used reagents, equipment and techniques; and a full appendix devoted to the CD system of leukocyte surface molecules.

    Multiparameter Panel Design: FluoroFinder

Antibody Cross-Reactivity Resources:

Keith Bahjat

NIH Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource - hosted by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine


Apoptosis - University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Apoptosis manual

Caspases - includes many links to important sites.

Multiparametric Analysis of Apoptosis by Flow and Image Cytometry - by William Telford, Akira Komoriya and Beverly Packard

Becton Dickinson Procedures

Cell Cycle basics - from University College London

Cell Cycle protocols and analysis - University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

CellQuest Pro User's Guide from BD

CellQuest User's Guide from BD

Compensation - from Mario Roederer, PhD

Conjugation of monoclonal antibodies - also by Mario Roederer, PhD

Cytometry Techniques and Protocols (Purdue)

Diva Quick Start Guide - from Becton Dickinson

Flow Cytometry on the Web - Salk Institute - We're rated 5th!!!

FlowJo analysis software:

FlowJo Basic Tutorial - hard copy

FlowJo Basic Tutorial - video

FlowJo Cell Cycle Tutorial - hard copy

FlowJo Compensation Tutorial - hard copy

FlowJo Compensation Tutorial - video 1

FlowJo Compensation Tutorial - video 2

FlowJo Compensation Tutorial - video 3

Compensation panel discussion - video

FlowJo Kinetics Tutorial - hard copy

   FlowJo Software Reference Manuals:

FlowJo for Macintosh Reference Manual

FlowJo for Windows Reference Manual

Fluorescence Tutorials - by Invitrogen

  Fluorescence Spectrum Viewers:
            Becton Dickinson

G-force calculator for your centrifuge - it's the G-force that's important, not the RPMs!

Intracellular cytokine protocols - by Joost Schuitemaker

ModFit LT 3.0 software:

Auto analysis movie tutorial

Manual analysis movie tutorial

Proliferation Wizard movie tutorial

Synchronization Wizard movie tutorial - used to analyze data with perturbed populations

"Practical Flow Cytometry" 4th Ed. (published by John Wiley & Sons), by Howard Shapiro, can be accessed free of charge! While you can't print the materials, you can read whatever you want. This is a great gift to the community by Molecular Probes detection technologies from Invitrogen. Alternatively, a short form will allow you direct access to the registration page (your name and email are required).

Protocols on the web including flow cytometry

Purdue flow cytometry

Simultaneous analysis of DNA content and surface immunophenotype using gentle ethanol fixation techniques - by Bill Telford, Louis King and Pamela Fraker

Technical Center for those using secondary and tertiary antibodies: and click the 'Technical Center' tab.

Tissue Dissociation Guide - by Worthington Biochemical Corporation

Titering Antibodies - by Carlton and Sigrid Stewart

Which Statistic When?

WinMDI Tutorial - by Gérald Gergori, Kathy Ragheb and J. Paul Robinson


Beckman Coulter (flow cytometers, antibodies, etc.)

Becton Dickinson/Pharmingen (flow cytometers, antibodies, etc.)


DakoCytomation (flow cytometers, antibodies, etc.)


Fisher Scientific

Innova Biosciences (antibody labeling kits)

Invitrogen (Molecular Probes/Caltag/Qdots/CloneTech)

Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories (quality secondary antibodies)

Miltenyi Biotec (magnetic antibody bead separation instrumentation and associated antibodies)

Novus Biologicals

Partec (flow cytometers, antibodies, etc.)


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