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      Feb. 25, 2016 Upgrade MoFloXDP Summit V5.2 to V5.4.

      Oct. 10, 2015 Purchase of two new workstations.

      Jun. 02, 2015 Upgrade BDDiva V6.1 to V8.0.

      Apr. 05, 2015 Welcome Fnu Aodengtuya, Technician of the core Facility.

      Mar. 26, 2015 Using iLab as online management system.

      Nov. 20, 2014 Adding yellow laser to LSRII flow Cytometer.

      Jul. 14, 2013 Upgrade two computers on BD Aria cell sorters.

      Jan. 03, 2013 Installation of Countess Automated Cell counter.

      Dec. 01, 2012 Welcome Grace Wang , Technician of the core Facility.

      Aug. 20, 2012 Installation of upgraded Nikon Fluorescent Microscope.

      Jul. 16, 2012 Installation of Partec CyFlow Cube6 analyzer.

      May 22, 2012 Chanin 307B ready for BSL2 plus cell sorting.

      May 10, 2012 Chanin 307 A and B opened to users .

      Oct. 17, 2011 Welcome Zhixia Yang , Technician of the core Facility.

      Dec. 02, 2010 Installation of BD LSRII Yellow Flow Cytometer Analyzer.

      Jul. 02, 2010 Welcome! Olisambu Uche, Assistant Operations Director of Core Facility.

      Feb. 12, 2010 Host the FloCyte Regional DNA Course.

      Jan. 08, 2010 Both of our FACScans have been upgraded to detecting 5 fluorescent channels simultaneously by installing an additional photomultiplier tube and a 705nm Long pass filter.

      Sep. 18, 2009 Jinghang Zhang is appointed as the Operations Director of Flow Cytometry Core Facility. Congratulations!

      Feb. 06, 2009 The iCys┬« Research Imaging Cytometer ( well known as Laser Scanning Cytometer) providing the ability to visualize the specimen through microscope optics or with a digital camera was installed in Chanin 309. It is equipped with blue, violet and red lasers. Features include: simultaneous acquisition of multiple-fluorescence and brightfield laser-scatter images, from as many as 3 lasers and 5 multiplexed light sensors; Wide-field images, super-wide-field sampling and mosaic images; easily viewed specimens with on-the-fly galleries, or relocation to individual events after data acquisition; analysis and visualization of specimens in a variety of formats (chamber slides, microtiter plates, petri dishes, microscope slides) to analyze cell populations, cell colonies, tissues and tissue arrays; precise localization of cells and tissue events of interest with the automated motorized stage; autofocus for automated analysis.

      Nov. 17, 2008 Welcome! Siu-hong Ho Assistant Operations Director of Core Facility.

      March 26, 2008 A Becton Dickinson FACSCanto II flow cytometer, equipped with a blue and red laser and a high-throughput (96 well plate adapter) sampler, is installed in the core's newly-created satellite facility which is located in Einstein's newest building, the Michael F. Price Center for Genetic and Translational Medicine/Harold and Muriel Block Research Pavilion.

      March 11, 2008 The facility registers its 500th user.

      March 4, 2008 A 'Flow Cytometry Focus Group' was incepted at Einstein. It meets the 1st Tuesday of every month in Belfer 601. Watch for announcements - lunch is provided!

      Nov. 07, 2007 New Online Scheduling and billing System is initiated.

      September 26, 2007 A Becton Dickinson FACSAria high-speed cell sorter flow cytometer, configured with 4 solid-state lasers, was installed.

      September 19, 2007 Both FACScans were upgraded to 4-colors by installing a 633nm red diode laser and an additional photomultiplier tube (PMT).

      September 18, 2007 A 300mW MPB Communications 592nm orange fiber laser, VFL-P Series, was installed on the MoFlo XDP high-speed cell sorter flow cytometer. The instrument is now equipped with 4 lasers!

      September 05, 2007 The core now has an assistant manager - Lydia Tesfa. Welcome!

      June 29, 2007 A Dako MoFlo XDP high-speed cell sorter flow cytometer, configured with 3 tunable-wavelength lasers, was installed - the first commercial installation of this model flow cytometer in the world!!

      May 07, 2007 The facility registers its 400th user.

      November 02, 2006 A custom-manufactured tunable wavelength argon-krypton mixed gas laser, a Coherent Innova 300 series, was installed on the high-speed MoFlo cell sorter flow cytometer. Now, all three lasers on that instrument have tunable-wavelength capabilities, which afford maximum flexibility in experiment design.

      September 05, 2006 FlowJo software site license was activated.

      June 01, 2006 The core now has an assistant director - Jinghang Zhang. Welcome!

      April 20, 2006 The facility registers its 300th user.

      April 03, 2006 Inverted fluorescent microscope got a powerful and modern 120W metal halide lamp and power supply, which has excitation intensity comparable to, or better that, the conventional mercury arc lamp that it replaced.

      March 22, 2006 Both FACScans have a 20-liter cubitainer system installed which provides 5 times the capacity of the factory's fluidic system.

      October 7, 2005 The facility registers its 200th user.

      September, 2005 The original computer analysis workstation, which was a Macintosh G3 with 128MB RAM, is replaced with a Macintosh G5 computer with dual processors.

      June 23, 2005 The digital LSRII flow cytometer is upgraded from 10 to 12 fluorescent detectors. This instrument now has the ability to provide up to 15 parameters for every particle interrogated!

      March 14, 2005 A second computer analysis workstation, a Macintosh iMac G5, is installed.

      February 24, 2005 Two small-workgroup quality networked color laser printers (Xerox Phaser 8400N) that have 128 MB RAM and 500 MHz PowerPC processors are installed which replace the very tired and outdated Epson Stylus 850N inkjet printer which had only 32KB of input buffer and which dated from 1998!

      February 1, 2005 Electronic scheduling is initiated.

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