Facility Rates               

AECOM Flow Cytometry Core Facility Fees
Instrument or Service Einstein-Member
   BD FACSCanto II unassisted $49.00/hr
   BD FACSCanto II assisted and training $95.00/hr
   Cytek Aurora, BD FACS LSRII unassisted $66.00/hr
   Aurora, LSRII assisted and training $95.00/hr
 *  Cell Sorting (BC MoFlos or BD FACSAria, assisted only)
$90.00/hr†† †
 *  Cell Sorter BD FACSAria Training
 ** SuperMACS Separator
   (when MS/LS Column is supplied)
 *** Computer workstation data analysis, unassisted/assisted‡‡‡
   Archived data retrieval $76.00/hr
   Fluorescent Microscopes $20.00/hr
   Laser scanning cytometry (Compucyte iCys) data acquisition $18.00/hr (plus $79.00 set up fee)
   FlowJo License $123/quarter year
   ****Managed Operations for Analyzers ( Aurora, LSRIIs and CantoII) $157/hr

† † * There will be an additional 20% hourly surcharge for sorting that involves biohazard setup and precautions (includes all human cells and cell lines).

 ** For SuperMacs, billing will be the amount shown per separation done, rather than per hour.

 *** These rates also apply for analysis of data from Compucyte iCys laser scanning cytometer.

 **** Managed Operation means, a core staff member will run the samples for users on the instrument upon special arrangement. This will be handled on a case by case basis. Two weeks advance notification is required. Samples must be delivered 2 hours before scheduled time.


  • Use of any service will be billed for a minimum of one hour. After the initial hour, fractional rates for a portion of an additional hour used will be applied (rates increment in ¼-hour fractions). Cancellation of existing appointment: Analyzers: One full business day (24 hours) in advance; Cell sorters: Three full business days (72 hours) in advance.
  • When absolutely required, it may be possible to schedule cell sorting outside of regularly available appointment times by prior arrangement with the facility. Billing for special scheduling will be at double the standard rate.
  • "Assisted" indicates analysis done under direct constant supervision of facility staff, and/or training on the instrument by facility staff.
  • Policy concerning non-Einstein users of the facility. There are relatively few users from other institutions, but we have had a few. Outside users will pay 50% more than Einstein users for all services (i.e., Non-CC Member rates X 1.5). Also, given the level of use of most facility instruments, we reserve the right to deny outside users access whenever we feel that this is necessary to provide optimal service to our Einstein investigators.
  • Total Subsidy Capped at 25%. AECC Subsidy: 25%; IDDRC Subsidy: 25%.

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