Analytical Imaging Facility

Nikon CSU-W1 Spinning Disk

microscope Nikon spinning diskMicroscope: Inverted Nikon ECLIPSE Ti-E

10X NA=0.45 Air
20x NA=0.75 Air
25X NA=1.05 Silicone
40X NA=1.4 Oil
60X NA=1.4 Oil
100x NA=1.45 Oil

Excitation Lines (Lasers): 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm 

Image Detection: Two ORCA-FLASH 4.0 sCMOS cameras

Software: Nikon Elements 

XY-Stage: Motorized 

Environmental Control:  Heated stage top incubator 

Additional Features: Optimicroscan Device for Photoactivation and FRAP/ FLIP with either 405nm or 473nm lasers (simultaneous imaging and bleaching/photoactivation), Z-stacking; Time-lapse; Mosaic; Multi-point visiting; Reflection-based Perfect Focus System.



Forchheimer 655N

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