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Transaction  Contact
iRIS Questions 
Initial Submissions, Progress Reports, and Amendments IRB Operations Staff (click here to view IRB operations staff)
Reportable Events (e.g. AEs & Deviations) Marina Tuzova or Kathleen O'Connor
Protocol Exceptions Marina Tuzova or Kathleen O'Connor
Emergency Drug/Device Use Requests 
Humanitarian Devices 
Single IRB/Reliance Agreements Rui Ferreira
Office of Human Research Affairs Leadership  
Melissa Epstein, PhD, MBE, CIP 718.430.2237 Director
Stefanie Juell, MA, CIP 718.430.2237 Associate Director
Jamie Hanley, MPH, CIP 718.430.2237 Manager, IRB Operations
Daniel Stein, MD 718.430.3129 IRB Chair
Leslie Johnson 718.430.2692 Administrative Assistant
IRB Software (iRIS)
Paula Brown 718.430.2776 IRB Data Systems Manager
AAHRPP Accreditation
Christopher Eichstedt, PhD, CIP 718.430.3895 Special Projects Manager
Kaori Germano, Ph.D. 718.430.2237 Research Education Coordinator
Research Compliance
Kathleen O'Connor, RN, BSN, CIP 718.798.0406 x228   Associate Director for Auditing
Marina Tuzova, MD, PhD, MPH 718.798.0406 x226 Sr. Clinical Research Auditor
Single IRB/Reliance  
Rui Ferreira, MA, CIP 718.430.2255 Reliance Manager
IRB Operations
Daniel Stein, MD 718.430.3129 Chair (East Campus)
Shlomo Shinnar, MD, PhD 718.920.4378  Chair (West Campus)
Michael Reichgott, MD, PhD 718.430.4082  Chair Emeritus
Gabriella (Foe) Weston, MS, CIP 718.430.4222 Sr. IRB Analyst
Marina Harmon, MA 718.430.8788 Research Compliance Specialist
Diana Galarza Vergara, PhD 718.430.4109 IRB Analyst
Jeanne Bellino 718.430.2221 IRB Analyst
Jackie Figueroa 718.430.2256 IRB Analyst
Antuanette Anglon 718.430.2268  IRB Analyst
Amarilda Shkoza 718.430.3894  IRB Analyst
Leslie Johnson 718.430.2692 IRB Project Coordinator
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