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Programs led by Einstein Faculty

Dr. Dean Hosgood

Dr. Donna Futterman

Dr. Frederick J. Kaskel

Dr. Gloria Fung Chaw

Dr. Ilir Agalliu

Dr. Jacqueline Achkar

Dr. Jerry Paccione

Dr. Jing Song

Dr. Kathryn Anastos

Dr. Kevin Fiori

Dr. Mark Guelfguat

Dr. Matt Anderson

Dr. Meredith Hawkins

Dr. Michelle Larsen

Dr. Shankar Viswanathan

Dr. Siobhan Dolan

Dr. Sunit Jariwala

Dr. Viraj Patel

Jill Raufman

Global Health Felloship Programs 2019-2020: A Sampling
Faculty Member Topic Geographic Area Possibility of Ongoing Research
Dean Hosgood Environmental Health: HAP and lung cancer Chile, Kenya, Asia YES
Jill Raufman Environmental health: HAP and behavioral change Kenya YES
Jill Raufman Cultural humility, One Health, Photovoice, Community health project, working with youth Uganda YES
Donna Futterman Pediatrics — working with Worldwide Orphan, working with adolescents and children Vietnam YES
Rick Kaskel Pediatric Nephrology — working with Worldwide Orphan, shadowing in Vietnam hospitals Vietnam YES
Kathy Anastos      
Kevin Fiori Community health, QI: FRENCH needed Togo  
Mark Guelfguat Radiology — teaching techniques and shadowing Peru, Grenada  
Matt Anderson HIV clinic; barriers to care; SOME SPANISH needed Guatemala YES
Meredith Hawkins Diabetes bench research India YES
Meredith Hawkins Diabetes: community health, shadowing, various projects Uganda YES
Shankar Viswanathan Pediatrics; epidemiology: India YES
Sunit Jariwala Asthma — developing new app, shadowing India YES
Viraj Patel LGBTQ and social media for HIV care India and local YES
Matthew Akiyama Hepatitis C — behavioral change Kenya YES
Rasha Khoury Maternal mortality and sepsis Rwanda YES
Johanna Daily Maternal mortality and sepsis Rwanda YES
Nerys Benfield Women’s health Rwanda  
Philip Castle Cancer, HIV Various YES
Michelle Larsen TB — bench research South Africa YES
Jonathan Ross Immigration issues Local YES
Jonathan Ross HIV Rwanda  
Anurag Shrivastava/Umar Mian/Alex Theventhiran Ophthalmology — shadowing, possible research project Mexico  
Nereida Correa Maternal care Dominican Republic YES
Eric Fornari Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery Ecuador  
Shalom Kalnicki Radiation Oncology — new project Rwanda YES
Scott Melvin/Diego Camacho Surgery — medical mission type Latin America  
Juan Terre Cardiology Argentina  
Gloria Fung Chaw Community health, ambulatory requirement fulfilled Uganda  
Christina Yang ENT Vietnam