Ph.D. and M.D.- Ph.D. in Clinical Investigation

Curriculum Courses


  • Teaches how to study health and disease in human populations
  • Integrates the biostatistical basis for analyzing data including interpretation and inferences with study design and types of research questions.
  • Hands –on teaching of STATA, the biostatistical software used for data analysis.
  • All classes are seminars with about 15 other students.
  • Each student has his or her own mentored research project.
  • Classes are a mix of medical students (MD-MS), graduate students in the Ph.D. and MSTP programs and physician-scientist MD Scholars from a variety of clinical departments, RN-Ph.D.s and foreign physicians.
  • Individualized help as needed is provided including biostatistical and data management support for research projects.
  • Required courses leave time to conduct thesis research.
  • Ph.D. students can take relevant courses in the medical school.

Clinical Research SUMMER INTENSIVE (#1307) (6 weeks, June, July, Aug,)

Monday Thursday 9 am 12:30 PM

Principles of Epidemiology and Biostatistics I (includes computer lab)

(Course Leaders: Hillel Cohen, DrPH, Michael Mulvihill, DrPH, Aileen McGinn, Ph.D., and Ellie Schoenbaum, MD) (Please note: Takehome final exam due 2 weeks after classes end.)

FALL SEMESTER I (12 weeks, September – December)

Tuesdays and Thursdays 912:30

Epidemiology II / Research Design (2 credits) (Course Leader: Gloria Ho, Ph.D.)

Biostatistics II / Stata Lab (1 credit) (Course Leader: Hillel Cohen, DrPH/Aileen McGinn, Ph.D.)

Research Ethics I (Course Leader: Ruth Macklin, Ph.D.)

SPRING SEMESTER I (12 weeks, February May)

Tuesdays and Thursdays 912:30

Biostatistics III / Stata Lab (3 credits) (Course Leaders: Abdi Negassa, Ph.D., Nan Xue, Ph.D./ Aileen McGinn, Ph.D.)

Advanced Topics in Epidemiology & Biostatistics (3 credits) (Course Leader: Howard Strickler, MD, Melissa Fazzari, Ph.D.)

SUMMER SEMESTER II (6 weeks, July, August)

Tuesdays and Thursdays 912:30

Research Ethics II (Course Leader: Ruth Macklin, Ph.D.)


For Ph.D. students as they approach completion of their dissertation

Thursdays 911:00 with extensive independent work composing Rgrant

Small group tutorial with clinical research faculty leader

Capstone Mock study section

Course leader: Ellie Schoenbaum MD

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