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Professor, Department of Cell Biology
Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Chair
Chanin Bldg., Room 516

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**The Stanley Lab in the Department of Cell Biology is studying a wide range of questions aimed at identifying functions for glycans in Notch signaling and in Spermatogenesis.

**Glycobiology is a robust field with many opportunities for exciting and novel discoveries. Our focus is on identifying roles for specific sugars in Notch signaling in T and B cell development, in intestinal development, in cancer, and in spermatogenesis. We investigate signaling pathways and glycosylation mutations in mutant cells and mice, many of which have been developed.

Volunteers interested in applying to graduate school or joining Einstein as a research technician are welcome.

**Send inquiries to Pamela Stanley --


Lectin Resistant Tumor Cells and Functional Glycomics
RO1 CA 36434 (P.I: Stanley) Total Period 08/01/81 - 04/30/2023

Roles for Glycosylation in Notch Signaling
NIH RO1 GM (P. I. Stanley) Total period 2001 – 2022.

Albert Einstein Cancer Center Grant.
NIH PO1 13330 (P.I.: Goldman) Total Period 07/01/91 – 06/30/2019

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